Work in progress using clover paint. #wip #digitalart
Work in progress using clover paint. #wip #digitalart
Ages. Somehow I managed to finish this reinterpretation of one of Aldo’s SS14 Campaign using my android phablet.  I love technology!  #art #digitalart #digitalsketch #portrait #malemodels  #givemealdo #aldo #etrangemoi
Is a full beard on trend right now? I was trolling tumbler and browsing mens fashion and most photos of men are like having beards. Full grown beards. #mensfashion
My first mixed media portrait in centuries!!!! So happy with my Note 3 😄
I was sitting in the bus and trying to get some positive vibes in me sooo… I ended up sketching this one. My first sketch in my Note 3.

Jamie Dornan, is Christian Grey

OMG! If you must know, ever since I’ve read the book over a year ago Jamie Dornan has been my Christian Grey. So when Charlie quit the role and was replaced by Jamie I was so ecstatic! I can’t remove my grin on my face for days.


You really didn’t have to go into the whole growl-y Loki thing after all the shit you’ve pulled ‘please’ and some puppy eyes would’ve worked just as well.

Time to get productive #art #sketch #ladygaga #vmagazine #artpop #littlemonster
I’m trying to learn how to draw digitally again. This is my first work after thousands of years. HAHAHA! One thing I’m sure though was that I never forgot is the Ctrl+Alt+Z key. The rest I have to feel my way through.  I think my painting classes helped me a lot when it came to portrait drawing and trying out colors and of course my cowardice towards making mistakes. I found the original photo at Deviant Art from Jaime Ibarra. He’s awesome. Check him out»>